Involvement of physical techniques and intellectual concepts can be seen in martial arts, the first time these martial arts were started in China and the arts were initiated to other Asian countries then finally appeared in Japan where there are various recent divergence is refined, karate is an ancestral term used in Japanese martial arts, in Japan the martial arts were shaped by Zen Buddhism and also by the tradition of samurai warriors, later the essence of martial arts got established in Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. There were no martial arts known in western countries until World War 2, these were actually brought by some American and British veterans from Japan from which they have occupied. Later a lot of interest was developed in Americans about these martial arts as there were several shows started related to these martial arts and the best actor that people were inspired is Bruce Lee, later with good communication that has been developed between teachers has resulted in bringing Chinese martial arts to America, now there are many martial arts institutions all over America. As we already know that martial arts are a favored stunt for protection, sports, physical activity, religiosity and to maintain health, this industry has become a multi-billion industry and gained lots of popularity.


Martial arts can be categorized into different types based on some parameters: • Historic martial arts, Folk wrestling, and hybrid martial arts
• Various techniques are: Armed, unarmed which will be based on the type of weapon used and last type is combat.
• The way they are used: self-defense, fighting sport, demonstrating various forms and this also includes meditation.
• Chinese style: internal or external

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The main categorization we need to focus on is the technical type and here is some list you need to know: Unarmed
• This type will be mainly focusing on strikes, grappling as well as hybrid martial arts
Strikes: this can be described in simple terms that this will include punching, kicking etc and some arts related to it are:
• Boxing
• Karate
• Wing Chun
• Muay Thai
• Kung Fu
• Tae Kwon Do


This type includes techniques like Throwing, Joint Lock, Submission Holds, Pinning Techniques etc. and the name of martial arts related to Grappling are:
• Hapkido
• Judo
• Sumo
• Wrestling
• Jujutsu
• Sambo
• Aikido
Hybrid sport: MMA is the hybrid sport in the unarmed category.


In these traditional martial arts are performed by using various types of weapons like Melee weapon, Bladed weapon and Polearms etc. some of the martial arts related to weapon based style are:
• Iaido
• Kali
• Kendo
• Tai Chi
• Chi Gong
• Canne De Combat
• Archery
There are some other different forms of martial arts which are not so recognized but exist and they are Kalarippayattu from southerner India, Escrima from the Philippines, PentjakSilat in Malaysia, Karate in Okinawa, Aikido in Japan and Capoeira in Brazil.


They are not only considered to be sports or self-defense they also have many benefits by learning them or following and they are: • They help to learn self-defense • Help people to enhance courage and self-dignity • Build up strength • Improve stamina • Make the person body to be flexible • Maintain posture and physic of the body • Helps weight reduction • Make the muscle tone better • They claim it to be a spiritual process • Help to bring peace and wisdom to the people who practice these arts • Also known for healing purposes

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For learning martial arts, the person should be strong enough and should be very enthusiastic to learn more and more things from their teachers. Many people will be interested in learning martial arts but all will not have same dedication towards it and people who have 100% dedication will never fail to make their teacher proud. Many art tournaments and exhibitions will be conducted with some set of rules, various types of martial arts will have competition at one place and these types of competition are called mixed martial arts. There will be different rules for sparring based on art and organization but they will have general categorization like light-contact, medium contact, and full-contact which will help players to decide the amount of force that should be applied on the opponent.
For making their student strong each and every teacher will strive a lot and will be constantly tested and making an evaluation of the students to know progression or level of the skill that particular student has. The students will be constantly undergoing tests and will be graded or ranked by their teacher, this process main motive is to improve the skill of the child in particular discipline or art, they will be awarded different belt colors or some catchy titles.
Martial art sessions will be held in different places and the sessions held in schools are called Dojos, the sessions generally begin with Warm-up Exercise and stretching and some of the teachers may also help students improve their strength, stamina, and speed, sparring will be always held between students. Among all the martial arts most of them use colored belts to rank the students learning martial arts, various colors that will be used are, white is used for beginners, the brown color is used for students in the intermediate stage and black will be given to masters and some other colors are included in between these stages.

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